October is my favorite month of the year, it always brings back the best memories from childhood: The sound of walking on dry leaves, the smell of the first chilly afternoons and mornings, and the warming feeling of a cup of hot cocoa after playing outside. I like it so much I wish my birthday was in October, but it’s not. I was born in July, I’m a daughter of summer, whether I like it or not.

I live in a place now where the seasons are not so different from each other. My son always asks me why the tree leaves are not turning yellow. Must be cause I talk about fall so much to him that he already has this magical idea of it in his head. Nevertheless, we are waking up to colder mornings, and our fruit trees are giving us their last gifts of the year.

Today I picked what could possibly be the last fig of the season, and realized I have to give credit to summer for this wonder: Summer fruits.


Our trees were very generous this season. We usually get a lot of pomegranates and figs, but this year, we also had lot’s of peaches and some avocados too. All had spectacular taste. Thanks to summer, and the trees in our garden, we had full fruitbowls in our table everyday. My son ate bowls brimming with pomegranate seeds in the morning. He had fig after fig after fig in the afternoons. We had figs with goat cheese almost every other day. I made peach compote for breakfast oatmeals that was perfect with pork chops too. The delicious tiny avocados from our tree made my son fall in love again with avocado’s taste again, he had stopped eating them at some point when he turned three. A big number of my summer breakfasts were made of fig-spinach-banana smoothies, or pomegranate-cacao-flax seed oatmeals.

So even though my forever favorite season is fall, I have to thank you summer, you materialize the concept of abundance for us. Until next year!

Do you have fruit trees? What is your favorite summer fruit? What else do you eat from your garden or your trees? Please share in the comment section.