At this moment I am feeling the most grounded and stable that I’ve ever felt in the past years. One of the big reasons for this is that I am living very close to nature, something I had never done before. Being the city slicker that I was, I never thought I could survive in a small town. And here I am, about to celebrate my second anniversary living in a tiny town.

We moved here on the 8th of june 2012. I have seen Matías, my 3 yr old, grow knowing where his food comes from. In the summer, if he wants a pomegranate or a fig, he just goes out to the garden, and with a little help, gets it from the trees. He could explain with his hands and a few words how to make cheese since he was 21 months old. And he lives in harmony with nature’s rhythm, getting excited for the plants when it rains, and noticing every slight difference with the colors of the trees season by season, or in the air with his sense of smell.

I miss museums, concerts and especially my friends. But right now there is not much else I could ask for. A lot of things I used to think important aren’t that much anymore with this new perspective. I’m grateful that we have clean air to breathe, that we never spend our time stuck on traffic, and I’m even more grateful that nature has helped me find my ground and has given me back my long lost stability.


May 2014’s harvest

One of the many joys of living here is a blackberry orchard that’s near to our town. It’s called Q-Zar. It has now become a family tradition to go blackberry picking every harvest season. This berry paradise explodes with black-purplish fruit in may and also in october. And for our delight, they happen to have the best organic blackberries in the country. They’re grown without any pesticides or chemicals. We can not even wear mosquito repellent when we visit, except one that’s formulated with natural essential oils. So no Off if you plan to visit!

These blackberries are so sweet you can’t believe it. The only downside is that they are so good that after tasting them, no other blackberry will do. So we settle for blackberries during harvest season, and then wait anxiously for the next season.

October 2013’s harvest

If you’re ever in the state of Querétaro, in Mexico, during may, or september-october, or you live here right now, don’t miss it! Go visit Q-Zar blackberry orchard. It’s between the cities of San Juan del Rio and Querétaro. And hurry cause sadly around 80 percent of the harvest goes away to the US and Canada.

I don’t know how long we are going to stay living here, and if destiny will take us somewhere else, sometime soon. But for the time we stay, we will continue the tradition of visiting this blissful place every harvest season.